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Supplement Suggestions by Dare's Products







AlpineV - http://alpinev.com/
Offers opportunity to see dietary supplement made with the Alpine Sandthorn Berry. Also offers sales of the product.  

Revita Health Corp. - http://www.revita-aa.com/
Become a territory director or a sales representative selling Revita supplements.  

Qing Mei, Inc - http://www.qing-mei.com/
Liquid nutritional supplement sales opportunity. The product is called Xing.  

The Body Shop - http://www.thebodyshop.com/
Offers skin and hair care products with information covering campaigns, values and company.  

Cambridge Health Plan Limited - http://www.cambridge-diet.com/
Corporate site. Offers products and programs, such as the Cambridge Diet, for weight loss.  

Advocare - http://www.advocare.com/
Offers an opportunity selling healthcare products.  

 Herbalife International - http://www.herbalife.com/
Corporate site. Independent distributor offer selling personal care and nutritional products.  

 Jafra Cosmetics - http://www.jafra.com/
Corporate site. Consultant opportunity selling fragrances, makeup and skincare products.  

 Forever Living Products International - http://www.foreverliving.com/
Producer of aloe vera and bee products. MLM opportunies available.  

 Infinity2, Inc. - http://www.infinity2.com/
Corporate information site. Distributor offer selling health products.  

 Shaklee Corporation - http://www.shaklee.com
Offers multilevel marketing opportunities selling health and wellness products.

 Arbonne International - http://www.arbonne.com/
Corporate site. Representative opportunity selling health and beauty products.

 Melaleuca, Inc. - http://www.melaleuca.com/
Corporate web site. Markets skin care products. Business opportunity.

 Original Limu - http://www.thelimucompany.com/
Offers an opportunity selling a health beverage made from a sea vegetable from Tonga.  

╔minence - http://www.eminenceorganics.com/
Offers organic skin care products. Includes information about ingredients, becoming a distributor, and media.  

 MonaVie - http://www.monavie.com/
Offers an opportunity to sell acai berry health juice. 

 Aloette - http://www.aloettecosmetics.com
Corporate site. Representative opportunity selling cosmetics and skin care products.  

XanGo - http://www.xango.com/
Offers an opportunity to sell a mangosteen juice supplement.

Relýv International - http://www.reliv.com/
Formulates and markets nutritional products and functional foods. Distributor opportunity.  

 Ideal Health - http://www.idealhealth.com
Weight loss drugs and marketing opportunities.

Goldshield Elite - http://www.goldshieldelite.com/
Offers beauty and nutritional products. 

Immunotech Research Ltd - http://www.immunotec.biz/
Network marketing company providing health products. 

BeautiControl - http://www.beauticontrol.com/
International direct sales skin care, cosmetics, health and image company. Offers consultant opportunities. 

 Neways International - http://www.neways.com/
Corporate site. Marketing opportunity selling anti-aging products.  

Kleeneze - http://www.kleeneze.net/
Household, health, and beauty products through a network of independent distributors in the UK, Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany.  

 Youngevity - http://www.youngevity.com/
Opportunities selling mineral and vitamin supplements, nutriceuticals, and aromatherapy products.  

Baywood International, Inc. - http://www.bywd.com/
Consumer products company specializing in the development, marketing and distribution of nutraceuticals.

 Nu Skin Enterprises - http://www.nuskinenterprises.com/
Corporate site. Direct selling company with three divisions, Big Planet, Nu Skin and Pharmanex.  

 Warm Spirit - http://www.warmspirit.com/
Sells products which heal, nourish, nurture, and restore balance - to mind, body, and spirit. Learn about the business opportunity.  

 NHT Global - http://www.nhtglobal.com/
Offers health and beauty products and a business opportunity.  

 Mannatech, Inc. - http://www.mannatech.com/
Official Mannatech Incorporated web site. Health and nutrition products. Offers a network marketing associate program.

 4 Life Research - http://www.4life.com/
Corporate home page. Markets Transfer Factor, an immune system support supplement. Offers a business opportunity.  

Life Plus - http://www.lifeplus.com/
Network marketing of health products.  

Golden Neo-Life Diamite International - http://www.gnld.com/
A multi-level marketing company selling nutritional products and water filtration systems.  

AmeriPlan USA - http://www.ameriplanusa.com/
Brokerage opportunity involving medical services.  

HealthyPetNet - http://healthypetnet.com/
Offers nutritional supplements, vitamins and pet care products for puppies, dogs, kittens, cats, ferrets and horses. MLM program for sellers.  

Cell Tech - http://www.celltech.com/
Corporate site offers distributorships to re-sell Blue Green Algae nutritional supplement.  

 EcoQuest International - http://www.ecoquestintl.com/
Offers health-related products, including air and water purification systems for the home, vitamins and supplements, and household cleaning products via an affiliate marketing program.  

ForeverGreen - http://www.forevergreen.org/
Offers an opportunity selling FrequenSea, which contains marine phytoplankton, ionic sea trace minerals, and aloe vera.  

 Matol Botanical International Ltd - http://www.matol.com
Distributor opportunity, selling health and nutrition products. 
American Image Marketing - http://www.theaimcompanies.com/
Corporate site for AIM, a MLM company that manufactures health supplements.  

Morinda - http://www.tahitiannoni.com/
Home based health business offering Tahitian noni juice.  

 Waiora International - http://www.waiora.com/
A proprietary whole-food blend of freeze dried fruit and botanical extracts in capsules or drink mix powders to help reduce the signs of aging.  

 Unicity - http://www.makelifebetter.com
Distributor opportunity selling nutrition, natural remedies and personal care products.  

 Amazon Herb - http://www.amazonherb.net/
Corporate site. Herbs and botanicals derived from the Amazonian rainforest.  

Oxyfresh - http://oxyfresh.com/
Offers pharmacy products and long distance telephone service.  

Clustered Water - http://www.clusteredwateronline.com/frame.htm
Nutritional, weight loss and herbal products. Also a MLM opportunity.  

Young Living Essential Oils - http://youngliving.younglivingworld.com/
Offers essential oils, massage oils, supplements, and diffusers. Online distributor sign up.  

 Organic and Natural Enterprise Group - http://www.mionegroup.com/
Chemical free personal care, skincare, cosmetics, and hair care products.  

ViaViente - http://www.viaviente.com/
Offers an opportunity selling a product that is a blend of whole fruit purees, minerals, and herbs.  

AM-300 - http://www.weight-free-lifestyles.com
Providing weight loss with herbal supplement.  

 Somalife - http://www.somalife.net/
Offers distributorships regarding health products, nutritional and longevity supplements.  

 Noevir USA - http://www.noevirusa.com/
Details about their beauty products and the business opportunities.  

 KareMor International, Inc. - http://www.karemor.com/
Corporate site. Offers vitamin products and a multi level marketing program.  

 New Vision - http://newvision.com/
Corporate home page for New Vision International, seller of various health care products, including Vemma. 

 Xler8 Nutrional Products - http://www.xelr8.com/
Health and nutrition products. Offers a network marketing associate program.  

 Eternal HGH - http://www.eternalhgh.com/
Human growth hormone releaser. 

 Lifestyles - http://www.lifestyles.net
Health, nutrition and weight and loss products. 

 Fruta Vida International - http://www.frutavida.com/
Offers an opportunity selling a health juice made from acai berry, cupuaca, and yerba mate.  

 Omnitrition International, Inc - http://www.omnitrition.com/
Corporate homepage. Independent distributor offer selling nutritional products. 

Trusted Health Products - http://www.trustedhealthproducts.com/
Skin and dental care products.  

 Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics - http://www.colormebeautiful.com/
Cosmetics and skin care products. International distributorships available.  

 MXI Corporation - http://www.mxicorp.com/
Offers an opportunity selling Xocai, a chocolate and acai berry nutritional supplement.  

TARRAH Cosmetics - http://www.tarrah.com/
Formerly LadyLove Skincare. Offers quality skin care and beauty products. Includes information for consultants.  

 Stimulife - http://www.stimulife.com
Corporate site. Weight loss supplements, diet pills and distributor information.  

 Vision For Life International - http://www.v4l.com/
Manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade weight loss products, nutritional supplements, and personal care products.

 Pro-Ma Systems - http://www.pro-masystems.com.au/
Provides a business opportunity in cosmetics, nutrition, jewelry, and home and car products.  

Biometics - http://www.biometics.com
Distributor opportunity selling nutritional supplements.  

TriVita - http://www.trivita.com/
Offers nutrition, herbs, women's, health, and beauty products. 

 Nutrisource International - http://www.mynutrisource.com/
Offers shakes, energy drinks, bottled water, and other nutritional products.  

 Zija International - http://www.drinklifein.com/
Offers an opportunity selling nutritional products containing Moringa oleifera. 

Great Life International - http://www.greatlifeintl.com/
Offers an anti-aging health food product.  

 Greenwood Health Systems - http://greenwoodhealth.com/
Offers nutritional products for sale and the opportunity to sell them.  

 Vitamin Power - http://www.vitaminpower.com/
Business opportunity marketing a range of health and nutrition products.  

Goyin - http://www.goyin.com/
Offers an opportunity to sell a nutritional product made with Asian fruits and herbs.  

 Sportron International - http://www.sportron.co.za
Corporate site. Nutritional supplements and business opportunities. 

Magnapak - http://magnapak-magnetic-mattress-health-therapy.com/
Opportunity for distributors to sell a line of magnetic therapy and health related products.  

 The Right Solution - http://www.rightsolution.com/
Distributes health and personal care products.  
Beauty for All Seasons - http://www.bfas.com/
The originator of the Color Alliance process and the sophisticated computer analysis using skin, hair, and eye color to determine seasonal names. Products and services include cosmetics, skin care, color and image.

 Nutronix International - http://www.nutronix.com
Health foods, nutritional supplements, and topical treatments.

Starlight International - http://www.starlightonline.com/
Markets and distributes nutritional herbs and dietary supplements. Offers a business opportunity.

Awareness Corporation - http://www.awarecorp.com
Corporate site. Offers information on personal health and well being. Distributor opportunity.

 URI International - http://www.uriinternational.com/
Offers an opportunity selling whole food concentrates, plus nutritional and body care products.

 Kaire Nutraceuticals - http://www.kaire.com/
Products for anti-aging, immune support, nutrition, antioxidant support, weight management.

Jerky Direct - http://www.jerkydirect.com/
Multi-level Marketing business offering beef jerky products.

 M2CGlobal - http://www.m2cglobal.com/
Offers an opportunity selling A.C.T. energy drink.

 Hi Energy Weight Control Inc. - http://www.hewc.com
Weight control centers. Business opportunity.

2000now - http://www.2000now.co.uk/
An online MLM community with various programs, including weight loss.

 FreeLife International - http://gojiexpress.com/
Offers an opportunity selling Himalayan Goji health products.

 HTE - http://www.hteusa.net/
Describes the Chi Machine and offers a distributor package.

Aularale Cosmetics, Inc. - http://www.aularale.com
Official company site. Offers skin care and glamour products and features opportunity for a business.

 TMN Health - http://miracleii-4u.com/
Natural cleaning products, aromatherapy, home spas, and alternative health.

Advantage Nutraceuticals Inc - http://welcometoadvantage.com/
Corporate site offering product and distributor information.

 Reishi Go - http://www.reishigo.com/
Coffee and tea from the red reishi mushroom.

 Sibu - http://www.sibu.com/
Offers and opportunity selling seabuckthorn berry health blend.

Acai Plus - http://www.acaiplus.com/index.asp
Offers an opportunity selling a health drink containing acai, goji, and mangosteen juice.

St Carlos Medislim - http://stcarlos-medislim.com
Offers distributorships of a weight loss program.

Juara International - http://www.juara.com.my
Information on becoming a representative selling Liquid Chlorophyll, a family health-drink.

 Amigo Health - http://www.amigohealth.com/
Offers an opportunity selling a juice powder containing acai, mangosteen, and goji.

 Strauss Heart Drops - http://www.straussheartdrops.com/
Stops angina, unclogs arteries, removes cholesterol from arteries and heart valves.

 OLA International - http://www.energybolizer.com
Distributor opportunity selling Energybolizer.

 Enliven International - http://www.enlivenintl.com/
Offers opportunity to sell Nitro FX and other noni based products.

 HTN - http://www.gohtn.com
Network marketing company offering nutritional and health supplements.

 MetaboGold International - http://www.metabogoldinternational.com
Manufacturer and global supplier of the herbal weight loss supplement MetaboGold 2000.

Southern Heritage, Inc. - http://www.southern-heritage.com
Offers a variety of health and wellness products and a home business opportunity.

NaturScience - http://www.naturscience.com/
Opportunity to sell health, fitness, nutritional, and skin care products.

DietBlends - http://www.dietblends.com
Herbal nutritional supplements. Offers Independent Representative opportunities.

Zavita - http://myzavita.com/
Offers a liquid herbal supplement muli-level business opportunity.

 Sunless Expressions - http://www.sunlessexpressions.com/
Offers supplies and business opportunities for airbrush tanning and tattooing.

 Nutrivalu Industries - http://www.nutrivalu.com/
Offers an opportunity selling nutritional supplements and beauty products.

Re-Vita - http://www.re-vita.net/revita
Network marketing opportunity selling nutritional products.  

Sportron - http://www.sportronusa.com/
Nutritional and health supplements.   

Usana - http://www.usana.com
Corporate web site. Distributor opportunity selling nutritionals, skin care, weight-loss and personal care products.  

Suddenly Slender, The Body Wrap - http://www.suddenlyslender.com/
Inch loss and mineral wraps. Product details and the business opportunities.  

Metabolife International, Inc. - http://www.metabolife.com/
Corporate site. Offering a family of weight loss products.  








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